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Wooden Toy Cafe Play Food Shop Accessories Set


(9 customer reviews)

Unique Wooden Toy Cafe/Coffee Shop including food play items Pastries, Cakes, Sandwiches, Hot Drinks and more! Encourage Role Play with this pretend play cafe/coffee shop!

The perfect Wooden Toy Cafe Play Food Shop Accessories Set for your little one! Toy food play items include Pastries, Cakes, Sandwiches, Hot Drinks and more! Encourage Role Play with this pretend play cafe/coffee shop! Great compliment to other play foods. Perfect gift for birthdays, festivities and parties!


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Stimulate little minds by helping children to understand the concept of selling and buying food to eat and drink. Bee Smart Toys recognises that wooden toys play an important part in a child’s development and our quality range of wooden toys will make learning such good fun! Get cooking and inspire early imaginative role-play!

The Wooden Toy Cafe Play Food Shop Accessories Set enhances creativity and fine motor skills. Suitable for 36 Months+. Especially designed to work well with little hands. Promotes dexterity, hand & eye co-ordination.

Bee Smart Toys recognises that wooden toys play an important part in a child’s development and our quality range of wooden toys will make learning such good fun!

Conforms to current European safety CE standards. High quality wood and painting detail. Colourful, vibrant and durable colours printed using traditional silk screen process. Ideal for ages 36 months+.

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Pretend Play Food, Role Play

Suitable Age

36+ Months

9 reviews for Wooden Toy Cafe Play Food Shop Accessories Set


    The attention to detail with this set is simply impressive. Firstly each item is carefully tissue paper wrapped so opening the set is fun as each item is like a little gift.The colour, patterns and finish on the items are excellent and even the coffee cups have a rubber seal on the lid.I particularly live the four tea bags each with a different coloured tab for flavours.This really is a stunning set and nice to see the thought that went into creating it.

  2. Earpuller

    This wooden cafe toy set is absolutely fantastic and my 5 year old absolutely loves running his own pretend cafe and taking everyones food orders. Everything came extremely well packed and you get a few cups, sugar, a carten of milk and lots of other items which are made to the highest standards and look very realistic. He’s still playing with this set after a couple of days which is fantastic so I can’t rate this highley enough.

  3. Julie D

    This is a totally delightful wooden cafe playset suitable for children aged 3+. In my opinion it’s much better than similar playsets I’ve seen which have often been cheap looking and made from plastic.Young children absolutely love playing shops. I certainly did when I was little. But I remember moving into the cafe market one day – probably due to a few trips to places where you could buy cakes and drinks and trying to copy that. My final, ultimate pop up cafe in the living room at home was a French one with a menu all written in French of course and bits and pieces fetched from the pantry to sell. I recall I found a pair of old fashioned wooden clothes maidens and a sheet perfect for setting up Le Bistro right between the sofa and my elderly grandad’s armchair. I was astonished to see how little French he’d picked up in the Great War – and of course I lost no time telling him so.So I know from personal experience just how much play value there is in this top notch Bee Smart set. All the food and drink items are beautifully rendered – simply yet it’s obvious what each item is. And I love the imagination that’s gone into this playset. So you even get some wooden ‘tea bags’ with strings. A croissant – just right for Le Bistro back then, but the norm of course for any modern cafe – sandwiches, cakes, a slice of tart or cheesecake, could that be a pain au chocolat? And there’s a wooden carton of milk and a couple of hot drinks to go. Very imaginative.This perfect cafe playset comes with an eco styled carrier bag – which could be used for gifting. Oh – I almost forgot that you get play money too. Which would have pleased my grandad no end. A high end French Bistro can be on the pricey side, especially if you don’t have any play money…

  4. Gary Hilton

    This is delightful. A child’s play set in high quality solid wood, beautifully painted, lovingly presented. This seemed to be inspired around a coffee shop or patisserie as the foods represented seem to be the sorts of things you’d buy there; sandwiches, croissants, pastries, cakes & doughnuts, and of course coffee. Additionally, you get some whimsical little teabags a paper bag and some plain money. This would obviously support a child’s kitchen or existing play set, but equally it would standalone on its own merits.Don’t be put off by what initially seems a high price point, the set oozes quality and is easily worth every penny.

  5. Starry night

    I had two initial reactions to this. Firstly, that the box that arrived is a lot smaller than I’d expected it to be based on the price and past experience of wooden toys by brands such as Melissa and Doug and Le Toy Van. Secondly, since the front of the box depicts a mobile food van there is serious scope for a child receiving this to find themselves really quite disappointed: expecting to receive a van and then finding a coffee/tea shop takeaway set and no vehicle. This seems clumsily done and misleading.The toys themselves are nice and generally well-finished, though some of the pieces are quite small. I like the fact that there are (well-sanded, lightly varnished) natural-colour wooden pieces alongside ones which have been completely painted. The tea/coffee stirrers perhaps seem a little vulnerable to damage, but everything else is robust enough. My little nephew (who will be three next week) has a lot of wooden play food toys, including ones inherited from his older brothers, and absolutely loves them. They’re his favourite things in the world – and this set makes a nice and unusual addition.Packaging was really good: a cardboard box with no adhesive tape/labels, and all of the pieces wrapped in tissue paper. Not a scrap of anything that’s not recyclable and sustainable.

  6. Miss S

    This is a very simple design but perfect for young children to manipulate. All the accessories are good quality and fun! This playset stimulates little minds and helps children to understand the concept of selling and buying food to eat and drink. It leaves much more to the child’s imagination and best of all “No Batteries Required”. It even comes with money and wooden tea bags. I am so impressed. All of the pieces are very well-made and sturdy. I got it for my little girl and she is literally obsessed. She plays with this constantly and I can see it being a winner for a good few years to come. She loves getting everyone to order and pay for the food and drinks and then she proudly serves them up.The other great thing about it is that it doesn’t take up much room and can be put in different places to fit in with any set-up or configuration of role-play toys. This is handy for our daughter who is always setting up a new cafe, shop or market!

  7. M. Hailling

    I ordered this set because I found it really cute and I knew it is would be something my kids would love to play with… I was right!First of all, the packaging is nice and everything that comes inside it is super detailed and you can easily tell what everything is, e.g. milk, sandwich, cake, doughnut etc…The size and quality is great as well, and the material is wooden which I really like. Overall, I highly recommend it and a great price, especially since they will last a long time.

  8. Love reviewing

    We really love wooden toys in our house, they seem to be much more durable and longer lasting than plastic, and they feel nicer. This set is just lovely. It contains wooden hot drinks and foods including cakes, sandwiches and pastries as well as paper money and a paper bag.It brings role play into the modern age of coffee shops and convenience/on the go foods and drinks. Everything is well made- there are no rough or splintered edges and it is painted nicely. I would recommend this set.

  9. B. A. Taylor

    A great drinks and food menu. You get cakes, sandwiches and pastries, as well as hot drink cups, spoons, milk, sugar and teabags. You even get a takeaway bag. Unfortunately one of the cups didn’t have any graphics on it, but my granddaughter won’t be bothered. Also included are 5x 5 Euro and 5x £5 play bank notes, making the cafe experience very realistic.The wooden item are well made, nicely painted, apart from the one cup and finished off smoothly, no chance of any splinters here and it’s a heavy wood, not a lightweight wood, so it should stand up to the bangs and scrapes of child play.A great gift idea for any occasion.My granddaughter has a flourishing home shop, so this cafe set is going to fit in with everything she already has, I thoroughly recommend it.

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