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Wooden Toy Kitchen Pans & Plates Set


(10 customer reviews)

THE PERFECT PLAY KITCHEN ACCESSORIES SET FOR YOUR LITTLE CHEF! Bee Smart Kitchen Toy for Toddlers. Cook and dine with our pretend play wooden kitchen accessories for kids. Perfect for pretend play and role play. Can be used to compliment wooden food toys and play foods.

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Kids Kitchen Set includes kitchen utensils, pans, condiments, plates, cutlery and food pieces. Packaging Box can be turned upside down to be used as a Kitchen Hob! Get cooking and inspire early imaginative role-play with this vibrant Wooden Kitchen Pans and Plates Set. Bright and colourful set appeals to both girls and boys. This kitchen set for 3 4 5 Year Old Toddler Boys and Girls is IDEAL FOR CREATIVE ROLE PLAY SESSIONS.

High quality, non-toxic & safe to use. High quality materials ensure durability and safety. Conforms to current European safety CE standards. Ideal for ages 36 Months and up.

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Pretend Play Food, Role Play

Suitable Age

36+ Months

10 reviews for Wooden Toy Kitchen Pans & Plates Set

  1. Family on the coast

    This is a really nice wooden set. The wood is a decent thickness and has been painted exceptionally well with no flaws at all. It’s bright and bold and during play so far I’ve noticed that it’s durable too.It feels really safe. I like how the saucepan lid handle is screwed in rather than glued. Less chance of breaking off and being swallowed.It should be noted that the hob part is the box it comes in. Very clever use to f packaging. It’s quite robust and should last.Based on my satisfaction and the quality of this set I’d certainly get more from this company.

  2. Katkin

    My granddaughter absolutely loves this set. She loves to pretend play and this is perfect for her to “make me some dinner”. The box is the cooker so no waste there!Would make a nice gift.Recommended

  3. Hearmeout

    There is something about wooden toys that I love. I was hoping this was bigger but it’s still very cute. It is well made, the pieces are finished to a high spec. The paint and finish are good too. Very safe even for small children (but does have small parts). The set is colourful and durable. Would make a very nice gift for your children to promote role play.

  4. Clap

    How can you not love nice printed wooden toys?These sorts of sets are my favorite. They’re cute, quirky, fun, hard wearing and most of all engaging.The wooden food is really funny. It’s printed in such a way that some are not even clear what they should be but that’s half the fun. It makes kids (and us!) use their imagination. It can be whatever they want it to be, so I love this and find it’s a better way to think about it.The box is great, doubles up as the stove and the storage!Highly recommend as a gift, or for your own children. Its so nice.

  5. H4J4T

    This would make a perfect gift for your little one, especially at the cheap price too. The whole product arrives in a box and the box itself is part of the toy. It features a gas stove with some dials printed on there, though I do wish the dials were physical or some stick on hook & loop ones were included. Inside you’ll find a saucepan, frying pan, lids for each, a spatula, wooden spoon, a set of 2 Knife & forks, plates, salt & pepper shakers and some veg. Mushrooms, tomatos, onions and some X shaped Lettuce or Celery? My little one just loves playing with food/kitchen things and this was a great addition. She also able to use her own items in the set. Besides the box, everything is made from some really nice quality wood. They’re sturdy, and are designed really close to the real thing. She plays with this daily making me breakfast and then later some soup. It’s a reasonably well priced toy for the amount of fun she has had with it and for that I can recommend it. After use, it’s easily stored back inside the box. My only issue is just that the oven itself is made from cardboard so I’m worried how well it holds up after time, however, I love that they did that as a way to avoid using plastic in the product and keep the price of the set reasonable.

  6. Susan Hampson

    I loved the idea of using the box the items come in as the cooker. It is strong and well made and saves extra cardboard being used. The items are all wooden, thick and chunky for little hands to hold, explore and use. There are 2 pans cooking utensils, salt and pepper pots, cutlery plates and food. The items are bright and colourful and have years of play in them. Even the lids on the pans are screwed in place. All the surfaces are burr free with a lovely smooth finish. A safe environment to learn so many skills. Excellent quality.

  7. duomo2

    Lovely wooden cook set for little toddlers. The pieces are well made and very chunky for small hands to grip easily. The edges are all smooth and safe, and there are lots of individual pieces for play. I love the fact that the box itself is an integral part of the toy. An excellent toy.


    If you want good quality toys which won’t break in two minutes of use in a child’s hand, wooden toys are definitely the way forward. This is a great example! This kit is fully wooden which is then painted with a Hob, pans, pots, plates, cutlery and food. You get a total of 22 items which are all a good size, easy to clean between use and will literally last forever. Overall very happy, these are set at a great price 🙂

  9. Wynne Kelly

    When I first unpacked this set I thought something was missing. I was sure it should have included a cooker. Then I realised that the box itself was to be used as the cooker – a clever idea. The box is quite substantial and should last a long time. It could be covered in transparent Coverlon to make it last even longer.Anyway, I just loved this set of wooden kitchen things. It consists of 2 cooking pans, 2 plates, cutlery and serving spoons. There is also a cute little salt and pepper shakers. I love toys make of wood – so much nicer than plastic. These and brightly coloured and very good quality.The “food” for serving is a bit odd and took me some time to work out what the pieces were meant to be. I am still not sure about them all but toddlers won’t care about this and will love to play with it.

  10. I Try Before You Buy

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     Fantastic little wooden cooking setHas cooking pot and pan both with lids cooking spoon and spatula and some slices of food mushrooms tomato onions etc…Salt and pepper shaker and dinner plates and cutlery.Perfect for real world play and helping young imaginations growAll made of wood and should last along time however the cooker part of the set is just a cardboard box it’s actually the packaging that the rest of the wooden toys came in.I can see the positives cutting down on waste making use of the packaging instead of it going in the bin however because its just cardboard it isn’t going to last aslong as the rest of the stuff that os wooden but also there the chance it cud get damaged alot easier too.

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